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Process Flows

Our solution documents and optimizes the typical processes for all accounting functions.

The system supports each optimized process with functionality and information.

Sample Process Flow Diagrams:
PDF Establish and Manage Priorities   PDF Review and Process Notices

Clients and external parties, including the IRS, states, banks, insurance companies, etc. request information from accountants. These requests are entered into AWS as a task with all of the critical information. If there are documents, they are scanned. There are certain tasks that are recurring, such as the completion of financial statements, payroll checks and tax returns, ongoing consulting services and business and individual tax returns.

AWS is used to track these tasks and will initiate a request for the information that is required to complete the tasks. An administrative employee can send out the request for information, track receipt of the documents and when all information is received, update AWS to let the professional know that they can begin work on the task. They will keep the client informed of the status of information needed.

Employees receive up-to-date information on the tasks that are assigned to them, with priorities, due dates and estimated completion times. The system is flexible so they can either work from reports or from a dashboard. They can update the status of the tasks on the reports for subsequent update by an administrative person or can update the task in AWS directly.

The solution does not require any changes to the software or procedures you use to perform the professional tasks. The only change is the process of obtaining and updating the status of the task. The solution is ready to use out of the box. Best practice workflows are designed into the system with all supporting forms and reports.

Top 10 Challenges Facing Tax and Accounting Firms and their Solutions

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Can't Prioritize Work
Missed Deadlines
Missed or Overlooked Communications
Can't Locate Files or Paperwork
Missing Information at the Start of a Task
Underutilization of Staff
Overlooked Filing Requirements
Can't Track Notices and Their Resolutions
Time Consuming Client Billing
Cash Flow is Tight or Inadequate