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The AWS dashboard has been designed around a thriving firm, breaking all accounting functions into five primary modules.

Hover over the sample dashboard for an overview of the AWS modules.

Generates status reports for Payroll, Payroll Taxes & Other Filing Requirements.
  • Interactive reports
  • Print preview
  • Hard copy print outs
  • Completed - Not Billed or Paid
Tracks the status of payroll check processing.
  • List of scheduled payroll cycles
  • Tracks pay end dates, due dates, etc.
  • Reminder of when information is needed
Tracks the status of Payroll Tax Returns.
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly & annual filings
  • Federal & state tax returns
  • Federal & state unemployment tax returns
  • 401(k) and third party payments
Tracks the status of Other Filings, such as:
  • Sales & Use Tax Returns
  • Franchise Tax Returns
  • Non-Profit Registration & Renewal
  • License Renewals
Generates reports for Business Formation, Management Consulting and Financial Statements.
  • Interactive reports
  • Print preview
  • Hard copy print outs
  • Completed - Not Billed or Paid
Tracks the status of Business Formations.
  • Incorporation or organization
  • Federal & state tax registrations
  • Amendments & dissolutions
Tracks the status of Management Consulting Tasks, such as:
  • Banking relations
  • Business planning
  • Outsourced Controller Functions
  • Systems Implementations
Tracks the status of Financial Statements.
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual
  • By period end dates, due dates, etc.
  • Customized subtasks at system or client level
Generates reports for Financial & Tax Planning, Notices, Power of Attorney's and Tax Returns.
  • Interactive reports
  • Print preview
  • Hard copy print outs
  • Completed - Not Billed or Paid
Tracks the status of Financial & Tax Planning tasks, such as:
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax planning
  • Family budgeting and planning
  • Debt consolidation
Tracks the status of Notices by Matter per client.
  • Group notices by matter (year, tax form, subject)
  • List active notices by client
  • Shows pending deadlines for responses
  • Comments and notes maintained by notice
Tracks the status of Power of Attorney's per client.
  • List active POAs by year, form and tax matter
  • Shows revocation date and status
  • Quick POA verification upon receipt of notice
Tracks the process of the Tax Return.
  • Handles all types of tax returns through delivery
  • Assign & track selective schedules (C, E, 990-A)
  • Track status of engagement letters
  • Assign & track multi-state return preparation
  • Track personal property tax returns
Generates reports for Administrative Tasks, Communications, and Client Listings.
  • Interactive reports
  • Print preview
  • Hard copy print outs
  • Completed - Not Billed or Paid
Tracks the status of the Administrative Tasks, such as:
  • Client proposals
  • Office equipment purchase and maintenance
  • Continuing education
  • Tracking paid time off
Displays the current and historical information for each client.
  • Contact information
  • Services provided
  • History of all tasks with access to detailed records
  • State filing requirement tracking (NEXUS)
Records and tracks communications until completed.
  • Initial telephone calls with responses
  • Request for staff to return a call to communicate your response
  • Communicate to staff
  • Call remains on reports and dashboard until completed
Enter and track information that is received in the office.
  • Indicate where the document was placed
  • Notifies staff of the receipt of documents, packages, etc.
  • Quick confirmation to client of receipt of document
Generates interactive Practice Management and Work in Progress (WIP) reports, including:
  • Audit and status reports
  • WIP by employee, firm or client for selected date range
  • Completed - Not billed or paid for all tasks for a certain period
Interactive dashboard displaying all open tasks for a specific employee or firm-wide with due dates.
  • Includes data from all modules
  • Change in the status or assignment of a task moves it to another employee's dashboard
Displays non-confidential contact information for active employees, including:
  • Address, email address, phone numbers, birth month and day
  • Spouse and children's names
  • Professional registration information (CAF#, PTIN)
A password protected module for administrators to maintain AWS.
  • Systems tables - drop down lists of forms, task categories, etc.
  • Historical data - inquire, maintain or delete all data since inception
  • Security - set up users, password and access to modules
  • Audit Trail - view user history