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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long has AWS been in the marketplace?

A: AWS was developed in 2000 for use in a thriving firm and was continually evolved to meet the increasing needs of this firm and its workflow. The product was released to the marketplace in 2011.

Q: Does AWS need to be integrated into our other software products?

A: The solution does not require any changes to the software or procedures you use to perform your professional tasks. The only change is the process of obtaining and updating the status of the task to ensure the team remains up to date on activities.

Q: Other products have been in the marketplace longer. Why should we go with AWS?

A: Simply put, AWS is more comprehensive than competing products at a lower price. AWS has been and continues to be evolved to meet the needs of a demanding, high-volume firm. And AWS has the backing of a CPA firm that was founded in 1983. We aren't going anywhere.

Q: How long will it take to install the product?

A: We understand time is money. Our team can implement clients in as little as 5 to 10 business days.

Q: The system seems easy to use, but what about training? What if we have questions or need help?

A: We never leave clients high and dry. Our team will help train your staff on the system and is available to answer questions as your team gets up and running.

Q: What does Hosted Product mean?

A: AWS, as well as all other products offered by AWSI, are Hosted Products. This means the product is installed and running on a server in AWS's datacenter. There are numerous benefits to you as the customer including no need for maintenance, repairs or having to worry about outages. AWS's datacenter is supplied by multiple internet connections and power grids in a highly secured building.

Q: Can I access AWS on my mobile device or tablet?

A: AWS, as well as any other software product hosted on the AWSI servers can be accessed from any mobile device or tablet that supports the iTap application. The application can be purchased by the client and the connection to our product imported into the application.

Q: Do your products run on Windows XP?

A: While AWS and other hosted products are not technically running on your computer, there are requirements to be able to access them. Windows XP is currently supported when all updates and service packs are applied, however we do recommend to all clients to upgrade to a newer version of windows as support for Windows XP is dwindling away.

Q: Can AWSI host other software products?

A: Many other software products can be hosted on the AWSI servers. The cost and feasibility of hosting these products will be determined on a per instance basis. Many AWSI clients consider hosting their tax preparation software.